Meetings Calendar


Full Council

The Full Council meetings involve all of the corporate Council body of 19 councillors. The meetings are held on a Monday evening every 6 weeks, and the Full Council is responsible for overseeing the work of the committees, making key decisions that can’t be delegated and reviewing major strategic or financial matters.

Burnham Park Management Committee

The Burnham Park Management Committee oversees the running of Burnham Park Hall, including strategy, organising events, and reviewing its finances. It meets about 8 times a year on a Tuesday evening.

Planning Committee

The Parish Council Planning Committee considers all applications in its area at its meetings, usually every three weeks on a Monday afternoon, and makes representations to the District Council. The Planning Committee also considers major local and regional planning issues, and planning policy matters.

The Parish Council is not the Local Planning Authority, and has no powers to determine planning applications in Burnham. These are decided by South Bucks District Council, and you can find out more here.  However, the District Council consults with the Parish Council on all applications in Burnham. As well as being able to raise any issues with the Parish Council, we strongly recommend that anyone wishing to support or oppose an application does so directly to the District Council.

Policy and Resources Committee

The Policy & Resources Committee oversees Council strategy, policies, procedures and finances, as well as approving grant applications and managing staffing issues. It meets about 8 times a year on a Monday evening.

Recreation & Amenities Committee

The Recreation & Amenities Committee oversees the managing of the Council’s parks, playgrounds, football pitches, street furniture, and public toilets. It meets about 8 times a year on a Wednesday evening.


Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting takes place each year, between 1st March and 1st June.

The meeting is an opportunity for local groups to report back to residents on their work over the past year, and for residents to raise and a take a poll on any local issues.

Confusingly, the Annual Parish Meetings is not a council meeting, (although, even more confusingly, it’s organised by the Parish Council, and the Chair of the Parish Council has to preside at the meeting if they are present).

The minutes to all past Annual Parish Meetings can be found here.